Law and Literature Links


Law and Literature Resources
A page maintained by the University of Virginia, mostly nonfiction.

Law in Popular Culture Collection
Tarlton Law Library’s large collection of books, articles, movies on law.

Lawyers and Literature
An outstanding website created by James Elkins, Professor of Law, West Virginia University, as a resource for his lawyers and literature course. Rich in secondary readings, links, hints to students, bibliographies.

Law and the Humanities Website
A cool site sponsored by Louisiana State University. It includes law and music, film, science fiction and television as well as literature. Bibliographies, videographies, links, lists of people working in the field. A few full text papers online. Don’t miss it.


Law and Literature
For many years, the Cardozo Studies in Law and Literature was a leading journal on the subject. It has changed its name and become part of the University of California Press. This page describes the journal and lists its board of directors.

Yale Journal of Law and the Humanities
Description of journal, tables of contents of all issues, cartoons of lawyers and judges.

Law, Culture and the Humanities
Relatively new. Leans to cultural theory but some articles on movies and literature. Free summaries on line. Some full articles are available for free.

University Courses
Law and literature courses are taught in many universities in the United States, Britain, the Commonwealth and elsewhere. Descriptions of the courses, along with reading lists, are often available on the Web. The most innovative course so far is the Shakespeare Moot Court, created by Desmond Manderson and Paul Yachnin of McGill University and copied by others including the University of Alberta. The moot court is an old teaching activity in British, Commonwealth and American law schools in which students argue fictional fact situations as they would in a court of appeal. What is unique about the Shakespeare Moot is that the relevant law is to be found only in the works of William Shakespeare. The fact situations center around controversial issues such as war crimes, legalization of same sex marriage and bans on the wearing of religiously mandated clothing. The McGill website includes fact situations, the briefs of student counsel and the decisions of the court. Who says Shakespeare is out of date?

Charles Dickens (who else?)

David Perdue’s Charles Dickens Page
A superb, award-winning site. The page, actually numerous pages, includes biography, short accounts and pictures of Dickens’ relatives and friends, summaries of the novels, character sketches, illustrations, excellent Victorian maps, useful links, you name it.

Charles Booth Online Archive
Victorian maps of London (1898-99).

The Dickens Project
The Project stages a good annual conference open to the public, usually at the end of July, at the University of California at Santa Cruz. The website has bibliographies and articles on several novels, teaching materials, the searchable text of Bleak House, links, and notes about upcoming conferences.

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