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LLB (Hons), University of Strathclyde
LLM, University of Glasgow


Ray Geary graduated from the University of Strathclyde in 1974. In 1977 he was admitted as a solicitor to the Law Society of Glasgow. In 1980 he was awarded the degree of LLM at the University of Glasgow. He was appointed to the post of Lecturer at Queen's University Belfast in 1979 and became a Senior Lecturer in 1996.



  • Law and Culture
  • Welfare Law
  • Clinical Law
  • Criminology
  • Medical Law and Ethics


Medical Law, Criminology, Law and Culture.

Selected Publications

Crime, Community and Locale (2000, with David O'Mahony, Kieran McEvoy and John Morison) Aldershot: Ashgate.

"From Operational Strategy to Serving the Customer: Technology and Ethics in Welfare Law" (with Philip Leith) (2001) 15 International Journal of Law, Computers & Technology 213

" 'Born Pious, Literary and Legal': Lord Coleridge's Criticisms in Law and Literature" in Freeman and Lewis (eds), Law and Literature: Current Legal Issues Volume 2 (1999 Oxford: Oxford University Press) 463

"The Unpardonable Sin" in Morison and Bell (eds), Tall Stories? Reading Law and Literature (1996 Aldershot, Dartmouth) 83

"The Mysteries Novels of the 19th Century and the Troubles "Thriller" (with John Morison) in Greer, Dawson and Ingram (eds), 150 Years of Irish Law (1996 Dublin, Roundhall) 105

"Crime, Conflict and Counting" (with John Morison) (1989) 28 The Howard Journal of Criminal Justice 9

Law and Literature
Current Legal Issues Volume 2


Edited by Michael Freeman and Andrew Lewis

  • Second volume in the series whose sister publication Current Legal Problems is very well known and highly regarded
  • Interdisciplinary with a wide range of material covering law, history, literature, and philosophy
  • Lively case-studies that are international in breadth
  • The most comprehensive collection on law and literature in Britain
Law and Literature , the second volume in the Current Legal Issues series, is a comprehensive and provocative treatment of an exciting new area that will stimulate and enlighten anyone interested in law as it appears in literature. Future volumes will include such subjects such as law and medicine and law and religion.

Law is literature but it also appears frequently in literature. The trial itself has features in common with literature, and law and literature both require interpretation. Literature may be constrained by the law and the law of defamation or blasphemy as, for example, the Salman Rushdie affair so vividly illustrates. All of these wide-ranging topics of relating law to literature are explored in this state of the art volume written by leading thinkers from both sides of the Atlantic.

Texts analysed range from drama to novels to film and musical performance and interpretation to the Bible. Trials dissected include the Eichmann and M'Naughten cases and treason and witchcraft trials.

The range of subjects includes legal ethics, punishment, responsibility, colonialism, violence, and feminism.

Readership: This book will be of general interest to all Law academics and students. It will be of especial interest to scholars concerned with the relationship of Law and Literature, philosophers, historians, and critics of literature and literacy.

Editor's Preface , Michael Freeman
Introduction , Anthony Julius
Writing and Reading in Philosophy, Law, and Poetry , James Boyd White
Interdisciplinary Legal Scholarship as Guilty Pleasure: The Case of Law and Literature , Jane B. Baron
Literature's Twenty-Year Crossing into the Domain of Law: Continuing Trespass or Right of Adverse Possession , Richard H. Weisberg
The Law-as-Literature Trope , Guyora Binder
Per(versions) of Law in Literature , Tony Sharpe
Shakespeare, the Native Community, and the Legal Imagination , Ian Ward
Ibsen and the Inscription of Blame in Law , John Stanton-Ife
Tess of the d'Urbervilles and the Law of Provocation , Melanie Williams
Fantasies of Women as Lawmakers: Empowerment or Entrapment in Angela Carter's Bloody Chambers , Maria Aristomedou
From Bette Davis to Mrs Whitehouse: Law and Literature - Theory and Practice , Michael Thomson
`How can ye criticise what's plain law, man?: The Lawyer, the Novelist, and the Discourse of Authority , Marie Hockenhull Smith
The Bible, Law, and Liberation: Towards a Politico-Legal Hermeneutics of the Sermon on the Mount , Adam Gearey
Rivka Yoselewska on the Stand: The Structure of Legality and the Construction of Heroic memory at the Eichmann Trial , Lawrence Douglas
The `Final Struggle': A Discoursal, Rhetorical, and Social Analysis of Two Closing Arguments , Jill Tomasson Goodwin
Crossing the Literary Modernist Divide at Century's End: The Turn to Translation and the Invention of Identity in America's Story of Origins , Gary Minda
Lawyers and Introspection , Thomas Morawetz
Translation and Judicial Ethos: Some Remarks on James Boyd White's Proposal for the Harmony of the Spheres , Jeanne Gaakeer
The Sovereign Self: Identity and Responsibility in Victorian England , Simon Petch
Is Literature More Ethical than Law? Fitzjames Stephen and Literary Responses to the Advent of Full Legal Representation for Felons , Jan-Melissa Schramm
Victorian Narrative Jurisprudence , Christine L. Krueger
`Born Pious, Literary, and Legal': Lord Coleridge's Criticisms in Law and Literature , Ray Geary
Defamation and Fiction , Eric Barendt
Art Crimes , Anthony Julius
Reading Blasphemy: The Necessity for Literary Analysis in Legal Scholarship , Tony Bradney
Capturing Childhood: The Indian Child in the European Imagination , Anne McGillivray
Legalizing Violence: Fanon, Romance, Colonial Law , Gary Boire
Governing Bodies Tempering Tongues: Elizabeth Barton and the Politics of the Performative in Early Tudor England , Mary Polito
The Guernsey Witchcraft Trials of 1617: The Case of Collette Becquet , Matthew McGuinness
The Hidden Truth of Autopoiesis , William J. Witteveen
What Frederick Douglass Says to Kanto, with Help from Einstein , Wai-Chee Dimock
Singular and Aggregate Voices: Audiences and Authority in Law & Literature and in Law & Feminism , Judith Resnick
Law as Performance , J. M. Balkin and Sanford Levinson

Authors, editors, and contributors

Edited by Michael Freeman, Professor of English Law, University College, London and
Andrew Lewis, Senior Lecturer in Law, University College, London

Book cover

Law and Literature


Edited by: Patrick Hanafin (Birkbeck College), Adam Gearey (Birkbeck College, London) and Joseph Brooker (Birkbeck College, London)

This book explores the many approaches available to the study of law and literature.

  • An exploration of the many relationships between law and literature.
  • Looks at what law and literature can learn from one another.
  • Makes those involved in literary studies more conscious of the impact that law has had on literary history.
  • Treats subjects as diverse as Socrates and Marx.
  • Contributors are significant scholars from the fields of legal theory and critical theory.
  • Introduction: On Writing: Law and Literature (Patrick Hanafin, Adam Gearey, and Joseph Brooker)
  • The Writer's Refusal and Law's Malady (Patrick Hanafin)

    Estopped by Grand Playsaunce: Flann O'Brien's Post-colonial Lore (Joseph Brooker)

    'Tell All the Truth, but Tell it Slant': A Poetics of Truth and Reconciliation (Adam Gearey)

    Then and Now: The Natural/Positivist Nexus at War: Auden's 'September 1, 1939' (Melanie L. Williams)

    The Jurisprudence of Travel Literature: Despotism, Excess, and the Common Law (Piyel Haldar)

    Literature in the Dock: The Trials of Oscar Wilde (Morris B. Kaplan)

    A Fragment on Cnutism with Brief Divagations on the Philosophy of the Near Miss (Peter Goodrich)

    Dominions: Law, Literature, and the Right to Death (Peter Fitzpatrick)

    Beyond Otonomy, or Beyond the Law of Law's Ear (Julia H. Chryssostalis)

    Endnote: Untoward (Peter Goodrich)

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